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We Provide SEO That Works

Previously, SEO involved dropping keywords and links anywhere on your website but try that today and your pages are likely to be banned hence ruining your chance of successful online business. Today, getting your posts and pages noticed by search engines calls for the right balance of SEO tactics and creating a stellar experience for visitors.

SEO That Works

We provide SEO that works

Basically, SEO is that magic that you have to work on your articles so that search engines can include them as among the top results when someone searches for the keyword. Here is a guide on SEO that works.

Black Hat vs. White Hat SEO

Black hat SEO focuses on optimizing content only for search engines and failing to consider humans. It involves breaking the rules set for getting websites to rank high and in turn make few thousands of dollars fast.

Ultimately, Black hat SEO leads to crappy and spammy pages which are often banned hence ruining the marketer’s chance of having something sustainable in the future. You can make your earnings this way but you have to continuously be on the lookout for search engine updates and come up with ways to dodge the rules.

Black hat strategies include

· Keyword stuffing

· Duplicate text

· Link from sites with irrelevant content

· Redirecting users to another page or site

White hat SEO on the other is a way of building a sustainable website. It focuses on human users giving them quality content and making it easy to access the website by following search engine rules.

White hat strategies include:

· Relevant content

· Relevant page titles

· Well labeled images

· Compliant HTML

· Complete sentences with good spelling

· Use of good grammar

· Relevant links and references

 On page SEO vs. Off page SEO

SEO is further categorized into on page and off page SEO.

On page, SEO involves the ranking factors that are determined by the internal aspects of a page such as content, headlines, and page structure.

There are 3 big categories of on page SEO. They include:


Search engines try to give users the best experience by directing them to the greatest content on the web. Therefore, in order to do well with SEO, you should produce great content.

Factors that make up great content

· Quality content

· Use of relevant keywords

· Freshness of content

· Clear content with direct answers


After making the content evergreen, you should also take care of HTML. There are four parts that you should optimize for every content you produce.

Title tags

These are equivalent to newspaper headlines. They are shown at the top of the tab of the browser when you open the page.

Meta description

Meta descriptions are shown up as a quote when search engines display the page as results of searches by users.


This is the result of an association of several search engines. It is basically a subset of HTML tags and it improves the way content is displayed on SERPs (search engine result pages)


Every landing page should have subheads. Not only do they help structure and format content as well as give users easy reference, they also affect SEO.


A good website architecture gives users a great experience when navigating the pages through fast loading times, accessibility, mobile friendly design, and a safe connection.

Off page SEO, on the other hand, are actions that you take to promote a website but depends on other sources. The most common methods are:

· Link building

These are links pointing to your website from other sites. They are a sign of trust and can affect your ranking if they come from trusted sources.

· Social media marketing

Social media marketing is an effective way to promote content to interested people. It produces fast and solid results.