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Tips on How to Get Your Website on Google

In today’s business world, having a website is one of the prime importance to target the global as well as the local market. As people have started to look for the required products and services on the internet and get the best deal for them. That is because most of the people do not have much time to go out and shop, no matter if it is about shopping for their own or home. And considering the change in trends, you might have already witnessed the growth in the number of websites. Therefore, if you are running your own business or working for a company that does not have a website yet, you must get a website designed and developed and try to get it on top of Google as soon as possible to capture the opportunities being provided by the Internet.

How to Get Your Website on Google

How to Get Your Website on Google

Well, there are two different aspects to getting your website on Yahoo and Google: having your website indexed and having your website listed highly on the first page to get targeted traffic.

Getting your website indexed

Getting your website indexed, means that the search engines know about it and show it in their search results. Technically, it means that the site should be crawled by the Google bots. These are automated computer programs that discover everything on the internet – as you could imagine, masses of new articles, pictures, and videos are posted every day, so these search engine crawlers are always crawling the web to guarantee they know about all the brand new stuff.

To guarantee your website has been spidered and indexed, you may submit your website to just about every search engine separately. This means that you notify them you have written and published something brand new that should be crawled and indexed. Additionally, you can connect your site to another site that is spidered by the search engine robots regularly since it has so much brand new content – bookmarking sites are notably famous for this. So bookmarking your website with a bookmarking service such as Yahoo Bookmarks or Reddit will help you to get your website indexed fast.

Once your website is indexed, how do you get it on the first page of Google?

Being listed in the first few positions on Google is a great advantage to your website, as it means your site will be accessed by many people, and you will also have an increased number of visitors coming to your site, potentially buying your product or service. The art and science of having your website to show highly on Google are called Seo.

To begin with, you need to consider what search term your website should rank for – this is the top keyword you will need to use.

The next step is called on-page SEO – this means making some changes to your site itself to guarantee the search engines recognize that your website is about your targeted keyword and key phrase. On-page SEO may include tailoring the text of your website, posting metadata, and creating an internal linking structure.

The next thing is to do off-page SEO, where you impact factors outside of your website to boost your search engine rankings. This may include links from articles, directory listings, bookmarking services, etc.

Finally, it is critical to monitor your effort – have you produced results? How good are your results? Have you made more money? These are all great questions to ask to measure whether it was worth it to get your website on Google.

If you are wondering how to get your website on Google and need professional assistance give us a call and let SEOFMB catapult your site.